BACKA 35,000m² new office development to be built in three phases of 11,694m², 10,939m², and 12,367m² respectively. This is a tenant driven development with an anticipated 4 star green rating. It is conveniently situated on Oxford Road, opposite the Hyatt hotel and within easy walking distance of the Rosebank Gautrain Station, The Rosebank Mall, The Zone, and The Firs. Staff comfort, energy efficiency, and the prominence of this site make it easy to understand why it is a P grade office development.
/Building Images/144OXFORD_2.JPG/Building Images/144OXFORD_2.JPG
/Building Images/144OXFORD_1.JPG/Building Images/144OXFORD_1.JPG
/Building Images/144OXFORD_3.JPG/Building Images/144OXFORD_3.JPG
/Building Images/144OXFORD_4.JPG/Building Images/144OXFORD_4.JPG

Rentable Area
Enter development .00m2
Phase 1: 12,328m²
Phase 2: 12,038m²
Phase 3: 10,634m²
Quick Facts
Parking Ratio: 4.98/100m
Estimated Operating Costs: R28.66/m²
Estimated Rates & Taxes: R26.00/m²
Estimated Gross Rental: R226.66/m²
Basement parking rate: R1,100.00/bay

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